Friday, February 26, 2010

Updates and then some...

I haven't been updating my blog since my audience is just myself hehe, I used to have another blog at Wordpress, and Multiply kaso tinamad na ako mag update dun. No one logs on to Friendster & Multiply these days kadalasan Facebook na. I wonder in the future kung ano magki-click na social networking site sa Pinas, coz mukhang hindi pumatok ang Twitter dito e. mas sanay kasi tayo sa parang Friendster or Facebook, yung Multiply sumikat din kaso sandali lang.

Mabilis na talaga ang pacing ng internet ngayon even email addresses changes frequently from Yahoo to Gmail, dati Hotmail ang pang sosyal at Yahoo ang pang-masa. Anyway, this blog is just like my online update or a way to release stress for me coz I don't usually chat with most of my friends on the phone na, hindi na kasi uso ang telebabad kagaya noon. Everyone's usually online or on the go parang lahat ng tao lagi nang busy, either text or Yahoo Messenger ang means of communication. Since it's almost summer the Verdana team will be busy with art workshops for kids, I might be assigned at MPM near Xavier School again coz most of my students are chinese. Medyo na stereotype na talaga ako in all aspects of my career hehe, I'll talk about that in my future posts.
The Front Act Barkada has a new radio show every Thursday nights 10PM on 105.9 FM Underground Radio called Robo Rock Radio my DJ codename is Mazinger Chi, since the show is about Robots, Sentai, Anime, Comics, Toys, Trading Cards, Anime Events, and Conventions. Everyone in those fields are welcome to promote their events, books, etc. at the show either you have to call us up or just go to the station at Ventures Bldg. Makati Ave beside Wendy's and in front of Avenue Mall. Front Act still airs every Sunday 6PM on TV 5, Channel 10 in all cable networks. My comic strip Chopsticks is still published every Sunday in the Manila Bulletin's comic page and my 3rd book "Chopsticks 3 Hopia like it" will be out at this year's Book Fair sabi ng Psicom. Ayan updated na ang blog ko, we still have to meet a lot of people next week for Front Act and Robo Rock. Kailangan din maghanap ng sponsors for the show, in the meantime I'll post a Chopsticks comic strip for everyone kung may nagbabasa ng blog na ito hehe!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New year, new blog!

Hi guys, I've been busy the past year dealing with work related issues, and since it's a new year I decided to transfer all my online posts here in Blogspot!  I'll be changing my email addresses and delete my old Friendster, Multiply, Wordpress, & etc. so that all updates would be in one website,  I also can't afford going thru all the hassles (bank payments, monthly fees, etc.) so i decided for a free website and a simpler look.  All new updates, photos, videos, and comic strips will be seen here first.  Thanks!